GA’s new lottery anonymity law adds more excitement to Mega Millions drawing

Governor signs bill to allow Georgia lottery winners to remain anonymous

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Lines in the Chattahoochee Valley are growing longer as people are taking a shot at the Mega Millions lottery.

“For three days! They are just going crazy to get some tickets," said Chris Myers, an employee at Lotto Mart in Columbus.

The jackpot is hitting a new record of $1.6 billion.

The odds of winning is estimated to be around 1 in 300 million, but that hasn’t stopped people from playing.

“We got it," said one lottery hopeful.

Every one is dreaming of what they would do with this kind of money.

“I’d pay my tithes and offering first. I’d give God back His money. You got to give to Him, because He gave to you!” said a lottery player.

“New house, a car, and a Mercedes Benz.”

“I’m going to open up a homeless shelter. That was always my dream,” said Betty Brewer after purchasing herself a ticket.

Forty-four states, including Washington D.C and the U.S. Virgin Islands participate in the lottery.

Not even a quarter of the amount of participating states have any laws to protect winners.

Governor Nathan Deal signed a bill called the Georgia Lottery for Education Act last May.

The law protects winners in the state of Georgia by signing a piece of paper.

The law states:

“The corporation shall keep all information regarding the winner of awards of $250,000.00 or greater confidential upon the prize winner making a written request that his or her information be kept confidential.”

Any winner of $250,000 or more may opt for anonymity.

The Tuesday drawing will be the largest jackpot in U.S. lottery history.

That jackpot could soar to $2 billion if there is no winner.

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