Man running across the U.S. makes a stop in Columbus

Man running across the U.S. makes a stop in Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - An ultra-runner from Alaska is living out his dream of running across the world and made a stop in the Chattahoochee Valley along the way.

Pete Kostelnick is running from Kenai, Alaska to Key West, Florida.

The distance is about 5,300 miles total and he has already traversed about 4,500 of those miles.

In about two weeks, he should be reaching Key West and finishing up his run.

The run is self-supported, so Pete keeps some of his belongings with him, which adds a little more weight.

“Kenai to Key West is kind of like unlocking my wildest dream or key to key,” says Kostelnick, “so there’s really not a whole lot to it other than its just kind of the adventure of a lifetime and a challenge of a lifetime as well, doing about 50 to 60 miles everyday.”

You can find Pete on Facebook at ‘Pete’s Feet across America.' You can also track his run on this page as well, he’s even open to people joining him during this run.

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