Here’s what you need to know for Election Day in GA and AL

Here's what you need to know ahead of GA and AL elections

(WTVM) – Election Day is November 6, and there are several things to know ahead of the big day.

If you plan to vote at the polls on Tuesday, polls open at 7 a.m. EST and close at 7 p.m. EST in Georgia.

Polling hours in Alabama will be from 7 a.m. CT until 7 p.m. CT. However, polling hours in Russell County are from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. EST.

When heading to the polls you should bring your driver’s license and possibly another form of identification just in case.

If you are turned away at the polls remember you can still vote by casting a provisional ballot.

To find your precinct in Georgia click here. To find your Alabama precinct, click here.

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