Hope Harbour receives funding to help house victims of domestic violence following shutdown

Hope Harbour receives funding to help house victims of domestic violence following shutdown

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - This week Home for Good through United Way was approved for a new grant to help organizations like Hope Harbor house victims of domestic violence.

People fleeing from domestic violence oftentimes need a safe place to go. Hope Harbour is a safe haven for those victims.

With the help of the United Way and its partner Home for Good, that safe haven is getting some much needed help.

The agencies are connecting Hope Harbour with Housing and Urban Development for first-time funding.

This is the first year HUD is dedicating a portion of its funding directly to domestic violence.

“Not only will they be able to provide the emergency shelter like they have been, but they will be able to take it to next step and actually be able to rapidly re-house these victims and their families,” said Pat Frey with Home for Good United Way.

According to Hope Harbour, women between the ages of 16 and 24 experience the highest rate of intimate partner violence. One in three teens will endure physical, sexual, or emotional abuse by an intimate partner.

This effort has a unique connection to United Way’s Point in Time count, which focuses on the homeless population.

“One of the questions when we do our Point in Time count is specifically is, ‘Are you currently fleeing domestic violence?’ and Hope Harbour has always participated in our Point in Time count,” said Frey.

Agencies like HUD were put on hold for funding due to the recent Government shutdown.

“All announcements were supposed to be announced in late December and obviously there was a shutdown so that didn’t happen. So, we have a delay in start of programs and we had programs who were getting a little anxious,” said Frey.

With another shutdown on the horizon, more funding for domestic violence programs could be put on hold, but for now organizations like Hope Harbour are in the clear.

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