Visitors travel from far and wide to experience St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - As big as St. Patrick’s Day is for Savannahians, plenty of visitors come from far and wide to experience it.

Whether you live just up the road or a few states away, Savannah seems to be almost everybody’s St. Patrick’s destination. It offers a little of everything. Joan Tracey and her husband have had it on their bucket list for years.

“I love that everybody’s so inclusive and everybody’s having a good time, and the people in Georgia are lovely,” Tracey said.

Others have made the pilgrimage for years.

“Friendliest people ever. People in Pittsburgh are friendly; people here are even friendlier, and the beer don’t hurt,” said John Pasquinelli, from Pittsburgh.

For some, it’s the tradition of generations of families celebrating Irish heritage. For others, it’s the kissing of the cadets. Others chose their trek by different standards.

“We looked on Google image for a place that looked like fun, and here we are,” said Tom Herb, from Maryland.

“I went on 23 & Me and found out I was Irish when I thought I was German, so goodbye Oktoberfest, hello St. Patrick’s," said Pat Snelsire, from Hinesville.

Wherever home might be, the celebration unifies everyone to appreciate the fun.

“Oh, we’ve already picked a spot and we’re getting a tent and grub. This is a forever thing now," Joan said.

It’s something to look forward to until next year.

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