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Truck Collides with Train

Late Thursday afternoon, two truck drivers found themselves in the worst kind of position.

Their truck stalled on a section of train tracks and a train was headed right for them.

"We initially received a report of an 18-wheeler being stuck on the tracks at North College Street, we immediately sent a unit to stop traffic and notify CSX Rails," said Sgt. Tommy Carswell, Auburn Police Department.

But it was to late, the train was going to fast and couldn't stop in time.

"They went into emergency mode and slid into the crossing and it took another block for them to stop, there were three people on the train at the time and two in the truck," Sgt. Carswell said.

The train sliced the tractor trailer in half. The truck was carrying thousands of pounds of sugar, and it spread everywhere. Several bulldozers had to be brought in to clean up the mess.

The railroad signal at North College Street near downtown is still not working Thursday night.



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