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Editorial: Razor blades found

Editorial: Nine razor blades have been found in the last week at Lakebottom Park in Columbus. The straight-edged razors were taped to playground equipment, where kids' hands would come right in contact with them.

We've received several comments from viewers on wtvm dot com how outraged they are that someone would intentionally try to harm children. We couldn't agree more. This situation is outrageous and frightening.

And what also frightens us, the lack of awareness at Lakebottom Park. Sure, this story has been all over the news and alerts went from the Muscogee County School District and the Columbus government.

We also know not everyone watches television news and more and more households only have cell phones, not public landlines.

This is a serious public safety threat. More should be done to alert and inform the public. How about putting up flyers at the parks?

Everyone who uses the park needs to be alerted to what happened. Maybe they even saw someone acting suspiciously and could provide important information.

How about holding a press conference to assure citizens all city parks have been searched?

How about getting the city's new "crime prevention committee" involved in a more visible way?

Whether this turns out to be someone's twisted idea of a prank or something more sinister, we can't let this turn into a 'one and done' event.

We need to continue to be outraged until someone is caught. We need to remain vigilant. We need to remain informed.

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