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Editorial: Georgia Amendment 2

Editorial: How much would you pay to save over 700 lives in Georgia each year?

Would an additional $10 be too much if one of those saved was your wife, your child or parent?

That is what Georgia Amendment Two is asking you to do. Georgia is woefully lacking is its ability to provide trauma services to citizens across the entire state.

Accidents that require trauma treatment are the leading cause of death in folks one to forty four years of age.

If you have a serious automobile accident on some portions of interstate 75, for example, you could be over an hour away from receiving life saving care provided only by certified trauma centers.

Georgia currently has 16 hospitals with certified trauma centers and we need at least thirty centers to meet the needs of the state's growing population.

As usual it is about money. The state's trauma funding has been slashed to $23 million down from $58 million.

We can fix this problem, amendment two will allow the state to collect an annual $10 car registration fee to fund improvements to Georgia's trauma care system.

We say vote 'yes' on Georgia's ballot amendment two, for a $10 dollar commitment the life you save could be you or someone you love dearly.

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