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Green Tree Frog Now Official State Amphibian

The green tree frog officially hopped into Georgia law Tuesday as Governor Perdue signed a bill naming the tiny creature the state's official amphibian.

Flanked by the students who dreamed up the idea nearly three years ago, Perdue added the frog to a list of 43 other state symbols -- from the Vidalia onion, the state vegetable, to the Slosheye Trail Big Pig Jig, the official state pork cook-off.

The students, who were fourth-graders at Armuchee Elementary School in northwest Georgia, were studying how a bill becomes law when they decided to launch their effort on behalf of the frogs.

Along the way, their bill was mocked by some lawmakers, derailed in Senate committees by others and postponed at least once because it falls in a section of Georgia law that would have allowed legislators angry about the new state flag to revive that issue.

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