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Jimmy Carter Deserves A Day, Too

Georgia lawmakers are proposing a resolution making February 6th Ronald Reagan Day, in honor of the 40th U.S. President. But according to Plains residents, there's just one small problem with that.

Former President Jimmy Carter, the only President from Georgia, doesn't even have his own day.

We got some strange reactions we got when residents found out that the 39th President of the United States, and their hometown hero, doesn't have his own day in the State of Georgia.

Jimmy Carter was born and raised in Plains. From his old high school, to City Hall, everyone we spoke to had good things to say about the former President.

"The Pharjac Grille is a local landmark that President Carter himself frequents often. While we weren't lucky enough to catch him there when we visited, the owners say the former President deserves his own day in the state of Georgia."

"Jimmy Carter brought the world to Georgia," says Pharis Short, owner of the Pharjac Grill. She knows President Carter well.

"It is logical that if we're gonna honor a President, Jimmy Carter ought to be the first one we honor," she told us.

 Most everyone we spoke to agreed that President Reagan deserves to be honored, and many said it would be a good idea to honor both men, but all the residents seemed to agree on one thing--if the Georgia Legislature chooses to recognize the man who defeated President Carter before they honor him, he'll handle it like a gentleman.

Lizzie Watts, who supervises the Jimmy Carter Historical Site, says that despite their political differences, the two men had a great deal of respect for one another.

"He is very much a gentleman, and he respected President Reagan," Watts said. " I do think behind this occasion there will probably be a Jimmy Carter referendum, but I can't ever see him say anything that's not positive about President Reagan."

And it's possible that President Jimmy Carter may soon see some recognition. House Democrats say they will sponsor a bill in coming weeks to honor him on his birthday, October 1st.

Reporter: Layla Chapman

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