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Today he is in the finals but not for basketball this time for an invention that could make him a millionaire overnight.

It's called "The Word Ace". 

"It had something to do with phonetics for children. It was a children's game it was supposed to help them learn to pronounce or read and write better,"says Speedy Gilstrap, a former coach and close friend of Ed Hall.

It's inventor is Ed Hall. A graduate of Spencer High.

His former basketball coach says the passion he once had for basketball has translated to helping children read and write.

"This invention stuff is a carry over from his child hood and learning things growing up. He always had something going on,"says Gilsrap. 

Ed Hall is now a coach and teacher himself.

It was his fifth grade class in Chicago that inspired his invention.  The "Word Ace" helps children how to read and write.  Students at Spencer High could'nt be more proud.

"I actually think it's quite exciting. Its not everyday that something like this happens and it's putting Spencer on the map,"says Tierre Leak, a Shaw Highschool Senior.

As Ed Hall and his invention make it to the final round his fans and coaches are once again rooting for him to win.

"I could sense that he was very excited and nervous which is unlike him he is usually very calm and collected he is just a enthusiastic and intelligent young man and obviously still is,"Gilsrap.

Ed Hall and his board game invention will be on the American Inventor finals Thursday night at eight right here on News Leader Nine.

He is one of four who could win one million dollars and have their product marketed all across the country.

By Jade Hindmon


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