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Mount Andrew, AL

Voting Machines Stolen in Barbour County

You've heard of stealing votes, but apparently in Barbour County, no one got that chance. Someone stole the county's voting machines.

The only two voting machines for the Mount Andrew community were swiped sometime before poll workers arrived Tuesday morning.

The Mount Andrew Community Center sits out in the middle of this field, and the Barbour County Sheriff says a locked door was no deterrent for those who made off with two voting machines.

"There were signs of forced entry of course. They had broken the door where it wouldn't lock." said Marshall Williams. Barbour County Sheriff.

The two computerized voting machines cost the county more than six thousand dollars. The sheriff says he just doesn't understand.

"Years and years ago, I've heard of voting machines being stolen, but they were full of votes. I never heard of voting machines being stolen with nothing in it." said Sheriff Williams.

Sheriff Williams says the poll workers arrived to find the doors unlocked and the voting machines no where to be found. But take a look around, there are no houses within sight, and that means no witnesses for the crime.

Even with the hassle of replacing the stolen machines, poll worker Shirley Patterson says voting was only delayed about an hour.

"Really I say, well whoever did it, you know, it didn't stop us. It didn't stop us, we still had a good count." said Shirley Patterson, poll worker.

Barbour County Sheriff Marshall Williams says this is considered a federal crime. And he has contacted the FBI, who will conduct its own investigation. As for catching the thieves, Sheriff Williams believes some kids did this as a prank.

Jon Kalahar

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