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East Alabama

Marijuana Eradication Hits The Air

Alabama State Patrol helicopters flew all over Lee county skies today, searching for marijuana plants. Their efforts paid off early Tuesday afternoon when they spotted and later destroyed more than $100,000 worth of plants.

The state patrol helicopter took of in East Alabama early Tuesday morning. Alabama State Trooper Donald Frazier said, from a birds eye view, the pilots will scan wooded areas for marijuana plants.

"With their training, they can see the plant, I mean like today it was growing in kudzu and they were still able to spot it, they are up there and they can get a better sight of view of the plant," Frazier said.

As State Troopers search for marijuana from above, if do find some plants that's when they contact ground units, the ground units set out on four wheelers, trucks, whatever means necessary to get to the plans and cut them down.

Shortly after lunch, the pilot radio in. They've spotted some plants on Highway 431, on the Chambers-Lee County line. When ground units arrive they seized 50 plants. Each plant is worth about 2-thousand dollars. That means this bust takes more than $100,000 dollars of marijuana, off the street.

Lee county investigators said since the plants were found at a home, some arrests could be made. Meanwhile, this year alone, eradication programs like this have helped investigators find and cut down close to 400 marijuana plants, in Lee county.

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