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Sunday Alcohol Sales: Lee County Decides

When election day rolls around, Lee County voters will decide whether or not to allow alcohol sales on Sunday. Some stores in the county are looking forward to the extra revenue if it passes, but will it be the financial windfall owners are expecting?

Lourdes Grewal works at MS Grocery just outside Opelika. She says people are always stopping in on Sundays hoping to buy a cold beer.

"People do come in here and ask. I tell them, 'Sorry. No alcohol on Sundays,'" said Grewal.

A positive vote for Sunday alcohol sales could save residents some gas money.

"They ought to go for it. They sell it in the county on Sunday anyway in Opelika city limits and all of Auburn," said Perry Pruitt, a Lee County resident.

Opelika has allowed Sunday alcohol sales for four years, and Auburn has for seven years. However, Don Otwell owns the Bread & Buggy in Opelika. He says they haven't seen a substantial increase in revenue for Sunday sales, so losing county customers that one day won't be too bad.

"The weekends, Friday and Saturday, are your bigger sales days. It will probably have a little effect, but it won't have much because local people are more apt to come here than the county folks. I don't think you'll see that big of a difference," Otwell said.

Otwell also said there's always been mixed reaction from some store owners by selling alcohol on Sundays.

"There's several people that personally would not like to sell beer and personally don't drink beer or alcohol. It's part of the business. You've just got to do it," said Otwell.

For Grewal, there's no doubt Sunday sales will help her store.

"It will help if that passes into law. It will definitely be better sales," she said.

The vote for alcohol sales will be on the November 7 ballot. As of now, there's no legislation to dictate when Sunday sales can start. If it passes, November 12 should be the day you can buy alcohol after noon out in Lee County.

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