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Police Net Thousands In Designer Knock-offs

It's like the old saying goes, if it looks to good to be true, it probably is.

"A lot of high dollar clothing lines that you get a really good deal on because they were not the real deal," said Columbus Police Lieutenant Gil Slouchick.

Investigators say nearly half a million dollars worth of fake labels like Gucci, Rocawear, and the NFL clothing line were all being sold at Wow Fashions.

"If what you have is over 10 thousand dollars, then it's a felony," Slouchick said.

Felony or not, Wow Fashion is still up and running.  Managers refused to speak to us on camera, but did tell us they bought the merchandise from a traveling salesman, and didn't know it was fake.  They went on to say they aren't going to sell name brands in their store anymore without first checking with the companies.

Meanwhile, Columbus police are still trying to figure out just who is responsible.

"Intellectual theft to somebody's property or somebody's trademark--We're learning that the roots of a lot of these businesses are overseas, and are tied to different organizations, some that support terrorism," Slouchick said.

Police are searching for the owner of Wow Fashion.  They believe he or she goes by several names.  The managers tell us the owner is in Montgomery.

Meanwhile, fake labels aren't the only problem with Wow Fashion.  City officials tells us its business license has expired, so technically it shouldn't be open.  The store has been reported to Special Enforcement.

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