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Cyclists Ride Across Georgia

This isn't your average Sunday bike ride.  It's more like a Sunday through Saturday bike ride. This year's Ride Across Georgia covers a 421-mile span from Columbus to Savannah.

"There is a variety of people who do the Bicycle Ride Across Georgia, for any number of reasons, even from the youngest of children, from 5 years old, all the way to 80-year-olds," explained Dr. Ian Rivera, a member of the BRAG medical team.

It seems everyone has their own reason for making the trek.

"It's a personal goal, personal challenge to be able to finish 300 or 400 miles, whatever it is, across the state, and do it without killing myself," said Lt. Col. John Buckwalter, who took some time away from his job at Fort Benning to enjoy his favorite pastime.

Others ride across the state as a way to keep themselves in shape.

"I just found something that I can get out and exercise, do some good cardiovascular work, and enjoy it," said Mark Kamprud. "I enjoy the scenery, enjoy seeing new country, the physical challenges, the triumph of getting to the top of the next hill."

Some are making the trip as a way to help encourage others. Scott Slayton works with inner-city kids in Atlanta. He brought along 13 of them for the experience of a lifetime.

"They definitely get to see the concept of hard work, and what you can get from hard work," Slayton said. "One young man always said that he didn't think he could do this, but after he got into it, he's surprising himself."

These cyclists say surprising yourself is one of the best parts of the trip, because it's not about the destination--it's about the journey itself.

Cyclists will take a break and spend the night in Americus. They will also make stops in Cordele, Baxley, Douglas, and Hinesville, before arriving in Savannah on June 16th.

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