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Home School Becoming More Popular

August 16, 2007

These days more parents are teaching their children at home instead of sending them to school.  Golden Acres Baptist Church is one of the only homestead programs here in the valley.

Stephanie Botsford and Karen Savorgyan are both moms, but there's something that sets them apart.  Botsford teaches her kids at home.  "The biggest pro that we have found with our children is that we are able to meet them where their needs are," said Botsford.  

Now Savorgyan is taking her cue from Botsford.  This school year she too will be teaching her child from home.  "My daughter is 13 and I though she would have better well-rounded education.  She would get more one on one and we could focus more on academics and less on other things," said Savorgyan.  

"Life can become a bit of a rat race and they're realizing they're children are growing up really quickly and that spending time together as a family can be a great benefit," said Founder of Freedom Home School Suzanne Sheppard. 

The Valley has over 200 families who participate in home school programs.  It is a growing trend.  Nanci Hendrix even dresses the part for her children.  "There is a history at home we could do so many exciting projects.  My children and I would dress up and so we did different time periods and live it as well," said Home School Teacher Nanci Hendrix. 

"They absolutely love it.  Some days we're a little less structured, but I think that it's the best thing that ever happened to my family," said Home School Mom Kelly Parish. 

Home school programs like the freedom home schoolers are finding ways to expand their programs.  Those ways being field trips, home school proms and even football teams.

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