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State Health Officials Investigate Allegations at Local Nursing Home

"The odor was atrocious, the smell, a lot of times there was spit where some of the residents had spit, threw up or had accidents on the floor that hadn't been cleaned up."

This is how Lori Lamb describes the conditions of the wing her mother lived on at Canterbury Health Facility.

72-year-old Amy Scarlett had been a patient there for nearly six years.

But Lamb says over the past year, her mother's care seem to deteriorate.

According to Lamb, Scarlett, who has Alzheimer's, fell several times...suffering bruises from what Lamb claims is overall neglect.

"I had been complaining about the bruises all over her every time I went, ah there's been a few times, I'd go and she's needed a change," says Lamb.

Lamb captured several pictures of her mother's bruises which she says were taken throughout the past year while she was at the Canterbury Health Facility.

One on her head...more on her arms and legs.

She even filed a police report about an incident last year.

But says workers at Canterbury refused to help.

"What do you want us to do, we can't watch her 24-7," Lamb claims workers said.

A response that lead Lamb to pull her mother from Canterbury...even then she says, conditions were deplorable.

"When I went to pick her up on the 10th, she had dried crusty feces from head to toe."

So Lamb took her complaints to the Alabama Department of Public Health and in turn got the response she was looking for.

A letter states, "On September 11th we received your complaint concerning the above referenced facility. After reviewing your complaint, we have decided an investigation should be conducted."

Lamb also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

So we go to Canterbury Health Facility to talk with administrators about the allegations.

They offer this written response.

"We have notified the department of public health and have also filed a report with the local police department. We are in the process of conducting an internal investigation and at this point we have not been able to substantiate any of these alleged allegations. As well, the police department has not substantiated any of the alleged allegations."

Regardless of the outcome, Lamb she says she simply wants to shed light on the conditions at Canterbury, and is glad to have her mother home.

"She eats well, her appetite's well, she's been talking up a're happy to be home aren't ya," says Lamb.

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