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Consumers Angry Over Nintendo Wii

It's interactive, even shows players news of the day...but there's a possibility you couldn't find one if you tried.  More than a year after it's release...the Nintendo Wii remains a sold out item.

Robert Whitted says he's been searching for a console for weeks.  Furthermore...he's irate with getting the runaround from local stores, most recently EB Games.

"They said they should be getting in a shipment this week, went by there on Tuesday of this week when the shipment was supposed to arrive and they're telling me now what they don't have any in stock," says Whitted.

Meanwhile, Whitted says he got a different response from the company's headquarters.

"They're telling me that the message from the store should be that they're not selling them until Friday."

Meaning Wii's are in the store...just not available for purchase until Black Friday.

We contacted several other stores about policies regarding sales of the Wii.

Managers at Target, Circuit City and Best Buy say they've been selling the consoles as they arrive.

Whitted says he's contacted additional retailers and most have been honest about whether the Wii is being held for Friday or not.

Besides wanting a Wii, Whitted says he wants honesty.

"They're telling me a lie, they're telling the community a lie, that they do not have them in stock and we all know that they will no be getting them in Thanksgiving Day or the morning before they open," says Whitted.

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