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Technical College System of GA Approves Budget

September 6, 2007

The state board that overseas the Technical College System of Georgia approved a $385.7 million budget.- translating into a 16% increase in student tuition. The first increase in two years.

Beginning in 2008,  the annual cost to attend technical school will go from 1,488 to $1,728 for a full-time student.    

Despite the increase, Georgia's technical college tuition has been and will continue to be the lowest among the southern states.

In 2006, more than 147,000 students were enrolled in the states 33 technical schools.

Carl Swearingen, the chairman of the TCSG state board says, "We're keeping our tuition affordable and our education valuable, especially given that our technical college graduates are in high demand and many enter the workforce making $40,000 a year or more.

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