WTVM Editorial 10/16/18: When Kanye met Trump

Maybe you saw the epic Oval Office meeting between rapper/designer and self-proclaimed genius Kanye West and President Trump.

WTVM Editorial 10/1/18: Hire officers now

WTVM Editorial 10/1/18: Live TV unites us

WTVM Editorial 9/25/18: Exceptional man

WTVM Editorial 9/25/18: Escape domestic violence

WTVM Editorial 9/19/18: Amazing Columbus

WTVM Editorial 9/19/18: Hurricane Unity

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  WTVM Editorial 9/10/18: 'The Last Movie Star'

WTVM Editorial 9/10/18: Anonymous sources

WTVM Editorial 9/4/18: Sweeping the streets

WTVM Editorial 9/4/18: Time to be UNITED

WTVM Editorial 8/27/18: The correct vote

WTVM Editorial 8/27/18: Media trust must be earned

  WTVM Editorial 8/20/18: How to teach tolerance

You may have heard about the "Drag Queen Story Hour" held last weekend in Columbus.

WTVM Editorial 8/20/18: CSU: The Movie Star

It's exciting to see Columbus State University get bigger and better with each passing year.

  WTVM Editorial 8/13/18: Veterans deserve better

Our veterans joined one of the military branches for many reasons: duty, a desire to serve others, patriotism, or to belong to a stable organization, or maybe just to feel a sense of purpose in life.

WTVM Editorial 8/13/18: Back to school

If you're a parent, you don't need anyone to tell you your life has once again changed dramatically - all because school is now back in session.

WTVM Editorial 8/6/18: Our Korean connection

WTVM Editorial 8/6/18: Teach the value of life

WTVM Editorial 7/27/18: The right Columbus

WTVM Editorial 7/27/18: Opelika's 'no-brainer'

WTVM Editorial 7/21/2018: Slow down and live

WTVM Editorial 7/21/18: A waitress fights back

  WTVM Editorial 7/16/18: Don't fire into the air

The Fourth of July is always a time for celebration, but this year, one person's idea of celebrating by firing a gun into the air in Columbus could have been deadly.

WTVM Editorial 7/16/18: Miracles and heroes

Two recent rescues, a world apart from each other, prove that when good men and women do their best, miracles do happen.

WTVM Editorial 7/3/18: The Power of Goodwill

It was just a few weeks ago we told you about 19-year-old Corbin Simpson of Phenix City who donated a kidney to LaShonda Brown of Columbus, out of the goodness of his heart and the fact they were a perfect medical match.

WTVM Editorial 7/3/18: Tim Tebow never quits

Pro athletes seldom get a second shot at greatness. Only Auburn's Bo Jackson really did it - playing pro football and Major League Baseball at the same time.

WTVM 02/25/14 Editorial: Teen Dating Violence Awareness month

This is teen dating violence awareness month. Sad isn't it, that such behavior even exists? Much less that it merits a month set aside to discuss it. Experts like Kyle Bair, Executive Director of the Sexual Assault

WTVM 02/25/2014 Editorial: Featured viewers responses

Occasionally, I like to share letters from viewers who have an opinion about one of my editorials. Barbara McNeil of Columbus wrote to me after an editorial supporting medical marijuana. Her granddaughter,

WTVM Editorial 6/13/18: Operation finally home

U.S. Army Sgt. Adam Lee of Auburn was seriously injured in a Chinook helicopter crash in Afghanistan, forcing him the retire from the army in 2012.

WTVM Editorial 6/12/18: The gift of life

Organ donation is one of the most self-less gifts we can give to one another.

WTVM Editorial 06/25/18: Dangerous season for kids

It's that time of year again. Summer. We just had the longest day of the year on June 21.

WTVM Editorial 06/25/18: Disaster control

Water flowing in rivers and lakes is beautiful.

WTVM Editorial 6/12/18: See and be seen

(WTVM) - If you think you're hearing about more fatal pedestrian accidents lately than ever before, it's because there has been a sharp increase in deadly vehicle-pedestrian incidents. One of the latest tragedies occurred on Buena Vista in Columbus, when a 30-year-old man was killed when a driver struck him late at night. That driver is now facing vehicular homicide charges. Georgia and Alabama are both in the top 13 of states with the fastest growing percentage of ...

WTVM Editorial 6/5/18: Tweet and consequences

It was the racist tweet heard 'round the world. Roseanne Barr apparently couldn't see or didn't care about the firestorm that would result from her bigoted tweet targeting an African-American former advisor to President Obama.

WTVM Editorial 5/29/18: Congrats Class of 2018

Congratulations to the graduating high school class of 2018! You've worked hard and we hope you all find success as you take the next steps toward an adult life.

WTVM Editorial 5/29/18: Mayor Tomlinson's legacy

One winning candidate in the recent Georgia primary elections can ignore the fall campaign entirely because by winning the primary with 56 percent of the vote, he automatically becomes the next Mayor of Columbus.

WTVM Editorial 5/22/18: Russell County role model

Russell County High School just across the Chattahoochee River is like all area school districts.

WTVM Editorial 5/8/18: Distracted drivers beware

A lot of Georgia drivers have a new skill they'll need to learn behind the wheel: not grabbing for their cellphone or holding it while driving.

WTVM Editorial 5/8/18: Economics can be emotional

A new Panera Bread will be built on Macon Road in Columbus. Tiger Town in Opelika is expanding.

WTVM Editorial 5/1/18: Police raise is necessary

At the risk of sounding obvious: the police who protect us deserve more money.

WTVM Editorial 5/1/18: First celebrity conviction

Nine Grammys. Three Emmys. A number one network TV show. The Presidential Medal of Freedom. And now, his conviction on three counts of aggravated sexual assault.

WTVM Editorial 4/27/18: Waffle House Hero

The mentally-ill man who shot four dead in a Tennessee Waffle House was arrested outside the White House almost a year ago, questioned by the FBI and even had his weapons confiscated by a county sheriff.

WTVM Editorial 4/27/18: Instruments of Power

If I had known how much learning to play a musical instrument could have made me smarter in math, enhanced my concentration and even my coordination, I would have paid more attention during my childhood piano lessons!

WTVM Editorial: 04/16/18: Your privacy matters

When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress about private data breaches, he was asked if he would like to publicly disclose the hotel he was staying at and if he would share the names of everyone he messaged that week.

  WTVM Editorial: 04/16/18: Season Safety Prom

Every year, AAA says one-third of teenagers who die in alcohol-related fatalities die during the months of April, May and June, the peak of prom and graduation season.

WTVM Editorial 4/4/18: Seeing warning signs

The nature of news is to report what happens…so, it's rare to cover news that never happened.

WTVM Editorial 3/27/18: Ann Hardman remembered

So often we take for granted our local public servants.

WTVM Editorial 3/23/18: Armed guards work

Once again, a school shooting. This time in Maryland, where the carnage was, thankfully, much less than in Parkland, Florida.

WTVM Editorial 3/19/18: Infamous case now over

For the many Columbus detectives who investigated the infamous Carlton Gary "Stocking Strangler" case, his execution last week, after thirty years of appeals, finally brought closure to them and his victims' families.

WTVM Editorial 3/19/18: Walk UP not out

Last week a nationwide school walkout was organized, inspired by the tragic deaths of 17 at a Broward County Florida school, gunned down by a viciously disturbed teenager.

WTVM Editorial 3/13/18: Forever families

Adoption is a wonderful thing. It's a special type of personal rescue, both for a child in need of a lasting family and for the parents who want to open their hearts and their home to a special child.

WTVM Editorial 3/13/18: Lessons from 1969 Tragedy

On July 20, 1969, Astronaut Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

WTVM Editorial: 2/27/18: Get ahead of threats

Our area's biggest school districts, including Muscogee County School District in Georgia, Russell and Lee County School Districts in Alabama, and the Auburn and Opelika City School Districts are all taking potential threats to student safety seriously.

WTVM Editorial: 2/10/18: Wi-Fi on school buses

Concern - and some evidence - has been growing for a while, that too much screen time online for kids, on smartphones, tablets and laptops could be harmful to their social and intellectual development.

WTVM Editorial: 2/10/18: Criminal Facebook posts

Just a few days ago, we received a message on our WTVM News Leader 9 Facebook page.

WTVM Editorial: 2/5/18: Who hates a tax cut?

As the new federal tax cut becomes a reality in our paychecks starting in the next couple of weeks, we think it's important to spell out the most positive parts of the tax cut.

WTVM Editorial 2/5/18: Local economy strong

Every year, the respected Terry School of Business at the University of Georgia forecasts the economic growth of each of the major cities in the state.

WTVM Editorial 1/30/18: Helping homeless one at a time

Out in California, the number of homeless people is so large, there are laws against feeding them or allowing them to sleep in public places.

WTVM Editorial 1/30/18: Hope for Puerto Rico

Our lives were barely touched by Hurricane Maria in September – some strong winds and rain but nothing more. However, in Puerto Rico, Maria was a catastrophe, especially for the power grid on that island.

WTVM Editorial 1/22/18: Winter heroes

When it snows in the south and that snow turns to ice, we know conditions are only going to improve when Mother Nature allows the sun and warmer temperatures to melt it.

  WTVM Editorial 1/22/18: Facebook changes

For the millions of us who are on Facebook, it seems we wake up to a different world each day as Facebook endlessly changes what happens on our news feeds.

WTVM Editorial 1/15/18: Auburn online ranking

When you mention Auburn University, most people think football, tailgating, and a wonderful campus as the ideal setting to earn a prestigious college degree.

WTVM Editorial 1/15/18: Be prepared at church

Church shootings like the devastating ones in Charleston and Texas have captured the attention of pastors here in West Georgia and East Alabama. Worshipers are becoming more pro-active in arming themselves to protect the faithful.

WTVM Editorial 12/15/17: Pence rule is smart

Back in 1948, when the Reverend Billy Graham started traveling the country as a famous evangelist, he decided he would always avoid situations that would put him at risk of compromise, such as being alone with a woman who was not his wife.

WTVM Editorial 12/15/17: Power of witness

The number of murders in Columbus now stands at 34 and Police Chief Ricky Boren says what we all think: that's too many.

WTVM Editorial 12/11/17: Humans vs. Computers

There's been a lot of focus lately on how automation and robotics, artificial intelligence, and computer algorithms are already replacing human beings in a wide variety of jobs.

WTVM Editorial 12/4/17: Shame should be a deterrent

When Matt Lauer was fired for sexual transgressions at work, where he anchored NBC's Today show, he released the obligatory apology statement, the next day.

WTVM Editorial 12/1/17: Auburn's smart security

Two huge nationally broadcast public events both went off without a hitch last week.

WTVM Editorial 11/19/17: The United Way works

The United Way makes sure the agencies that receive your dollars, your contributions, thanks to your generosity- are well run and that they make the most of the money they receive. The United Way funded agencies make good things happen because The United Way works.

WTVM Editorial 11/19/17: “Operation Hidden Guardian”

Most people know that virtually every action we take online can be tracked and traced back to us. Nevertheless, some people persist in trying to use the internet for nefarious purposes like soliciting sex with minors.

WTVM Editorial 11/15/17: Report sexual abuse

There are no easy answers or quick solutions to the tsunami wave of sexual assault charges being constantly leveled at powerful men in entertainment, business, and politics.

WTVM Editorial 11/15/17: Gun laws

It's been more than a week since the small Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas was targeted by gunman Devin Kelley.

WTVM Editorial 11/5/17: Share your Thanks by Giving

As we get deeper into November and closer to Thanksgiving, we're reminded to be thankful for all the abundance around us. That's why WTVM is again partnering with "Feeding the Valley" for a food drive we call "Share Your Thanks By Giving".

WTVM Editorial 11/5/17: Support the tax plan

Finally, we have a tax plan and we know what's in it…for the most part. For almost everyone, the House Republican tax plan offers some real tax relief.

WTVM Editorial 10/30/17: Tax relief works

Did you know that the number one film location in the world in 2016 was Georgia? It's a fact. Georgia ranked first, beating, in order:

WTVM Editorial 10/30/17: Eddie was a gift

This editorial will be less than two minutes – hardly enough time to remember a remarkable man who gave WTVM 56 years of his 76-year life.

WTVM Editorial 10/24/17: Mo Mosley: Role model

(WTVM) - Pro football may be grabbing all the headlines recently, too often for the wrong reasons.

WTVM Editorial 10/24/17: Report sexual harassment

(WTVM) - Sexual harassment and assault are all over the news recently.

WTVM Editorial 10/10/17: Jesus Campos is a hero

By now, everyone on the planet knows the name of the twisted mass shooter in Las Vegas, Stephen Paddock.

WTVM Editorial 10/10/17: The right decision

Doing the right thing and doing it quickly is always the sign of good leadership.