Investigation Forces Officers to Step Down

HOGANSVILLE, GA (WXTX) -  An investigation into officers in the Hogansville Police Department is shaking up the chain of command.

An independent report done by the LaGrange Police Department indicates several women in the community have come forward saying Hogansville's Assistant Chief Tony Lattimoor sexually harassed them, reportedly inappropriately hugging and touching them.

"There were some findings that disturbed me into some alleged sexual harassment activities that had been brought to my attention by a city council person," said Chief Moses Ector.

But the chief says the Troup County town is known for its friendly people and these findings are the first time he's heard of anything like this.

The investigation also includes allegations that Lattimoor and another officer allowed a drunken woman to drive home.

"The assistant chief says she wasn't drunk but another officer said he thought she was drunk and she came to the police department and neither of them made an attempt to stop her," Ector said.

And as for Assistant Chief Lattimoor, "He says that it's not true, that it's not the way it appears in the report but perception of the police department is everything to me, what the public perceives," added the Chief.

Thursday was the Assistant Chief's last day on the job.  He declined to comment to WXTX about the investigation.

The department is now looking for his replacement.