Watery Mess at Local Mobile Home Park

By Lindsey Connell - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Some residents at the Hilton Estates Mobile Home Park in South Columbus say the past few days have been hell.

A busted water main left nearly forty tenants without water for days.

"There's a lot of kids go to school over here and people that work and people had to take off and go over to people that stay in the housing area to get water," said resident Monique Riggins.

"You couldn't take a bath or brush your teeth. You had to wake up in the morning and get ready at your friends house. they didn't inform us of that. We just knew because the water got cut off. They didn't tell us," said Sharnay Moses, another resident.

Park management says that's because they can't predict when pipes will break but they say they did call tenants as soon as they realized the pipe had broken.

The park's manager declined to go on camera but says she worked with the city to get the pipe fixed and residents water back on as soon as possible.

Tenants say this isn't the first time they've had to deal with their water being shut off unexpectedly.

In the past few months, there's been three breaks in the pipes supplying water to the park.

Residents say they can't take being without water again.

"If we get cut off again, I'm going to move but I don't have time for this," said Moses.

"That doesn't ever need to happen again over here will all of the kids that we have staying in the area," added Riggins.

Officials with Columbus Water Works could not confirm whether or not any further inspection or work on the pipes will be done.

The parks management says all residents should have their water back on.