Business is booming for one local "Bootlegger"

By Chauncy Glover - bio | e-mail 

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The law calls him a criminal. His customers call him, "Mr.DVD Man."

"This is where I come to get my movies and they have good quality," says one customer.

Call it bootlegging, counterfeiting, pirating, you pick the term. Mr. DVD does it all right in his own kitchen.

"It's a one stop shop. You can buy some CDs, movies, gospel plays. A little bit of everything," he says.

And a little bit of everything is exactly right. From new releases, to movies still at the box office, "Mr. DVD has it.

"I bought a couple of movies to see tonight," says one customer.

This 'kitchen multimedia operation', he calls it, is growing. His customers don't see anything wrong with the operation. Most say in this economy you got to do what you got to do and that means saving where you can.

"I got a good price for six of them for $20. I can't spend $20 for just one movie for my family," he says.

"I got The Reader, and the Family That Preys by Tyler Perry," says another customer.

As you might imagine, Mr DVD Man didn't want his face shown on camera but tells us he's been in business in Columbus for five years, and business is good.

"I started out doing gospel cd's and movies. After that, people wanted CDs of R&B, rap and other things, so I started branching out," says Mr. DVD Man.

And speaking of branching out, DVD Man has recently added clothing to his one stop shop. Customers can purchase anything from hats, to Polo shirts.

In the hour we spent with Mr DVD, customers came in droves, purchasing one movie after another. He says he'll make over $500 bucks on a good night.

"Business is good, especially on the weekend. There's no where you can go and find six DVD's for $20. That's the best deal in town now," he says.

Mr. DVD Man they call him, but he says he doesn't trust.