Phenix City Put Restrictions on Roadside Memorials

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Families are now limited on how long they can put up roadside memorials to honor their loved ones.

It's a new ordinance that passed unanimously Tuesday morning.  Councilors say they don't want to ban the roadside memorials, but put stipulations on the size of the displays.  It says a roadside memorial can only be a small cross, three feet wide and three feet long.   You also must apply for a permit from the city, and the memorial can only be up for 60 days.

The new ordinance will take effect next week.  The current roadside memorials can remain up for 60 days before having to be taken down.

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Wilk writes to
I feel that the city goverment of Phenix City should not be the only ones to have the right to vote on this. The voters should have the right to vote on this matter...They should also remember the voters put them in office and can also take them OUT.  If they are allowed to do this other cities will follow.

Birdie writes to
What are they go do, put you in jail for putting up a memorial?

Sandy writes to
I believe that is what we have cementaries for; it's not only for the deceased but for loved ones and families to go and visit and spend however much time they want there. It is definitely a distraction driving but also gives you the feeling of individual grave markers all over inner and outer towns and cities.

Tommy writes to
Who is hurt by roadside memorials... no one!
If a family or friend wants to place a memorial on the roadside it should not be restricted by government. Allow people to grieve however they want. It time Government stays out of our lives and freedom of speech!