Water testing kit: scam or marketing scheme?

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Some Columbus residents are concerned about a potential scam going around their neighborhood. News Leader Nine looked into the issue, and although it doesn't put your identity at risk, you may want to use some caution.

Residents in a north Columbus neighborhood found a package they didn't order. Residents found a clear plastic bottle and a letter asking them to fill up a water sample and fill out a lot of personal information.

Whitesville Walk resident, Betty Scott said, "It was a small plastic bag with a little piece of paper in it and a clear plastic bottle like you put travel shampoo in."

But Scott threw the bag away because she says, "There's too many scams going around."

We checked with the Better Business Bureau to see if it was indeed a scam, but they say it's just a marketing scheme. "With a door to door or neighborhood solicitation you want to be careful about being pressured into buying a product or service from someone who knocks on your door," said Leonard Crain.

Crain says this company is more than likely just trying to sell you a water filtration system. And for those individuals who think the sample request is coming from their water provider, it simply isn't true. Crain says Water Works and similar companies will notify you when testing your home's water quality, "They're continuously checking the water and sampling. They will provide that service for you free of charge. You can contact your water provider."

And if you do choose to provide the sample, Crain advises you get a second opinion on the quality of your water before buying anything.

News Leader Nine is not advising you to not take advantage of the service, we just advise you to use caution so the company doesn't take advantage of you.