Apt. residents complain about bad conditions

By Chauncy Glover - bio | e-mail 

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - "I have complained for months and months, but it never got fixed and I'm tired."

Katherine Porter is just one of several residents who say they're living in bad conditions.

"When the rain came, the roof was leaking. The rent man doesn't want to fix anything. When you call he says he's coming, but never shows up," says Porter.

And James Carter says he waited and waited, until his roof caved in on his bed.

"The whole ceiling fell down," says Carter.

The apartment complex is owned by Jomar Realty.

You may remember George Jomar, featured in a story we did about other residents complaining about heat in their apartments.

This time, we took the complaints of Christopher Court residents straight to the Coordinator of Codes and Inspections, Rebecca Wiggins.

"When the tenants have a problem like that and can't rectify it with the landlord, that tenant needs to call our office and we'll send an inspector to make an inspection of the property," says Wiggins.

If there is a violation, the inspector will send the landlord a notice, giving them 45 days to fix the problem.

"And should they fail to comply, we can take them to environmental court," she says.