Job seekers change methods and priorities

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - As local unemployment reaches a record high, there is hope for those looking for work. Georgia's February unemployment numbers just came out and once again they are the highest we've ever seen at 9.3 percent.

Lots of businesses are struggling, and job placement companies are seeing more people come through the doors than in previous years. The job search is like never before and News Leader Nine investigated the sacrifices people are making and the steps they're taking to find that job.

In the midst of these economic struggles, the face of unemployment has drastically changed.

The Manpower Branch Manager, Delia Postell said, "We're seeing everything from professionals with master's degrees who had long-term job stability. We also have people in the labor force who had jobs for years but because of the decrease, they're looking for work again."

Job structure has also taken the back-seat to more important priorities. Postell explained, "Where they might have never considered a position that didn't pay $30,000 to $45,000, they're willing to make $9 or $10 an hour just to put food on the table."

For people using employment companies, or facing the challenge alone, Postell has some tips to help you land that job, "I think having a resume is critical. The companies we work with all require to see a resume. It's also important to look the part. You've got to dress for that interview."

Even though the future may seem bleak, it's also vital to not give up.

"Be persistent in staying in contact with whatever company you're applying for. Stay in front of them. It's like 'out of sight, out of mind'," added Postell.

According to the people News Leader Nine spoke with at Manpower, there are some jobs that have promising outlooks for the future. The leisure and hospitality fields are booming and some fast food restaurants are looking to hire. There are also future openings coming in the construction field.

So there is hope out there for job seekers, it just sometimes gets over-shadowed by all the high unemployment numbers.