NAACP Wants External Investigation Into Columbus Police Department

By Lindsey Connell - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  They're not giving up. Members of the local chapter of the NAACP announced today they are requesting an external investigation into the Columbus Police Department and the actions of Captain J.D. Hawk.

It all stems from a voicemail message Hawk left for GA State Trooper J.D. Perry who ticketed him for speeding in 2007.

News Leader 9 obtained an excerpt of that message: "And the only way I'm going to defend myself is to bring some stuff out, which is probably going to embarrass you and the court, in court, and go public.>

"The issue is whether or not he intended to intimidate and if he did that's a criminal act. It's just that simple," said Shevon Thomas, attorney for Trooper Perry.

"I'm asking for an external investigation into the police department and get the questions answered- who did what, when, and why," added Bill Madison, President of the Columbus NAACP chapter.

Chief Ricky Boren says those questions have already been answered by local, state and federal authorities. He says the GA State Patrol, GBI, FBI and District Attorney's office all looked into and found that the call was not a threat and no state law was broken by Hawk.

The NAACP says they're taking the matter to the Georgia Attorney General's Office.

"We just want the right outcome and independent body to look at it," added Thomas.

Captain Hawk declined to comment on the matter today.

Members of the NAACP say they plan to meet with District Attorney Julia Slater regarding the matter.

She tells WTVM she will not handle it if asked.

The chapter says its next step is to contact the Georgia Attorney General's Office.