Some Big Local Court Cases to Get New Prosecution

By Lindsey Connell - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Julia Slater is asking the Georgia Attorney's General Office for special prosecution on 94 pending cases in the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit, some of which belong to well-known defendants.

She's says her previous role as a defense attorney made her privy to confidential information that would be unfair for the state to have now that she's DA.

When it comes to Michael Registe's case, Slater says she had dealings with the attorney for a witness in the double homicide of Randy Newton and Bryan Kilgore before becoming DA.

In the Harris County capital murder case commonly known as the "Well Murder," Slater says she had contact with one of the defendants also prior to her taking office.

As for Frank Lumpkin's case, Slater says since his sister is a local probate judge who took two of her oaths of office, it would be improper to handle it.

And in the Zach Allen rape case, Slater says he is the son of a city councilman who makes budgetary decisions on her office so it would be inappropriate to prosecute him.

"I believe that I could be impartial in these cases and that I could make decisions without politics coming into play but I think there's a bigger reason that I need to recuse myself and I firmly believe this is the right decision to make," she said.

In all, Slater says she's conflicting out of only 3% of the over 3,000 pending Superior Court cases in the Chattahoochee Circuit.

She says Muscogee County's current Solicitor General Ben Richardson will most likely be assigned to a majority of the cases.

However, the Attorney General's Office has not yet officially appointed him.