"No visit from Chizik" radio segment

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | e-mail

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - In an attempt to score a big interview with Auburn University's new head football coach, an Auburn, Alabama D.J. started a running joke on his morning show. Tige Rodgers with Mix 96.7 gets listeners involved by begging Coach Gene Chizik to take part in the radio show.

It all started with a serious request for an interview and has now turned into an everyday segment.

"Good morning, it's day 12 of no visit from Chizik," Tige Rodgers introduced his show Tuesday morning.

Tige Rodgers from Mix 96-7 in Auburn has one goal in mind, "It's my quest to get the next great Auburn coach on this program on Mix 96.7."

The idea started when Tuberville resigned and the Tiger's new coach was announced. Rodgers told News Leader Nine, "Now that Gene Chizik is our coach, we're going to get him on the program at any cost. We started months and months and months ago and nothing really happened."

Tige understand Chizik has bigger priorities, "First he's got family, then he's trying to put together a national championship tem that will dominate the SEC for the next 50 years. Then at the bottom it's like counting his socks and I'm somewhere below."

But in his quest to entertain listeners, he'll keep the countdown going until he gets his interview, "I have decided I will do this countdown... it will end with him on the show or the day I expire. So either way, it's going to be a long time."

News Leader Nine tried to contact Gene Chizik for a comment, but he is understandably busy with the football team.

The community has responded to the segment by calling in to offer "prizes" if Coach Chizik calls in to the morning show. Rodgers explained, "In order to add incentive for Gene, we've taken calls from listeners to put together a prize pack, which now includes: a back-rub from Lynn in Columbus, a tray of chicken nuggets, and $25 in cash from Jason in Auburn. So, that's all his if he calls in."

After his hopeful success with the coach, Tige has his sights set on bigger and better things, "And don't think this is the only big thing I'll be doing. As soon as this Chizik thing gets wrapped up, I'm going to start a countdown to see how many days it takes for Barbara Gauthier to go on a date with me."

Mix 96.7 is approaching the whole thing in a joking manner, but they are serious about getting the interview.