More legal troubles for tax offices

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Details continue to emerge about legal troubles for Tax One and Joche and Associates.

The ConsumerWatch team recently discovered Joche and Associates was sued by the state of Alabama and prohibited from doing business there.

But another lawsuit reveals the company and Tax One were both ordered to pay thousands of dollars to a local couple, all stemming from charges of fraud and conspiracy.

The case is dated 2006 with the complaints listed as, conversion-fraud and conspiracy.

One of the defendants is listed as Gregory Carter, the same name of the person we're told by employees and the Better Business Bureau website is the current owner of Tax One.

The other defendant in the case is Cheryl Gardner, with an address of 2121 Wynnton Road.

That's one of the offices for Joche and Associates in Columbus.  The suit says Carter was given power of attorney to close on the sale of a property for the plaintiffs, but instead of handing the money over, it claims he pocketed the more than $69,000 himself.

The lawsuit also states Carter had the check forged, or forged it himself and deposited the money in Gardner's account.

More than a year later, the plantiffs were awarded a judgement that totaled more than $90,000.

Other documents related to the case reveal garnishments for Carter, Gardner and Tax One, as well as Joche and Associates.

The latest in August of 2008 show a check for approximately $73,000 was paid by Sun Trust, on behalf of Tax One.