Are you in good hands when it comes to flooding?

By Lindsey Connell - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  "It was a disaster. I've been out here 23 years and it was the worst I've ever seen it flood."

Cortez Taylor says he lost everything in his South Columbus home when it flooded during last month's downpours.

"Pictures that I had from my childhood and my kids- they're irreplaceable. Pictures of my mother, class reunions, stuff like that- it's lost, it's gone, there's no dollar amount on that," he said.

Unfortunately, Taylor didn't have flood insurance.

Insurance agents say homeowners insurance doesn't cover flooding.

They say that's why it's a good idea for concerned homeowners to get a separate flood insurance policy, even if they don't live in a designated flood area.

And it may be more affordable than you think.

"If you're not in a flood designated area within a one hundred year or five hundred year floodplain, your rates are actually lower and you can get a preferred flood policy as well. A flood policy will cover the replacement cost value for your home as well as your contents. On the lower end, I'd say between $118 and $250 a year," explained local Allstate Agent M.C. Phillips.

Not a big price to pay especially considering...

"Floods and flash floods can occur anywhere at anytime," Phillips added.

Agents recommend flood insurance for homeowners, businesses and renters.

We're told it takes 30 days from the time you purchase flood insurance for it to become effective.

To find out where your home or business is located in relation to the designated floodplains in Columbus, here's a link:

Or you can call and ask the Engineering Department at 706-653-4441.