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Sites You Can Use - March 26, 2009

With a bit of patience and online research, believe it or not, there could be a hot deal waiting for you. There are several hundred blog sites that offer fashion, cosmetic coupon codes, and advice on how to strectch your dollar, while looking good.

Like the wildly, popular  Since 2003, Kathryn Finney has made a living and, as some might say, a movement out of helping women look fabulous on a budget. She educates them on becoming a smarter shopper and provides details on where to scoop out those hot deals.

Designer bag addicts, instead of dishing out the big bucks for the real thing, try borrowing one for a lot less at

The site offers weekly and monthly rentals on bags and other designer accessories such as jewelery and sunglasses. And, for your  "no-so" in items, don't you dare think twice about throwing them away. The website let's you swap or sell.

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