Sewage Floods A Columbus Church

March 28, 2009

COLUMBUS, GA. (WTVM) -- Normally when you flush your waste down the toilet you don't expect it to return.  Well a Columbus church could be relocated after the waste came back up and didn't just overflow in the bathroom.

"We came in Saturday morning to check the church and of course we just couldn't believe what we saw, "said Rena Hall, pastor's wife.

Hall and her insurance adjuster found the toilets overflowing with urine and feces.  You can see from what use to be the white bathroom tile floor.  It's covered in sewage.  "It was a month ago today the same identical thing happened, but only it was worse.  The sanctuary flooded and dead rats were everywhere coming out of the sewage area.  We called the city and said for sure it was their fault," said Hall.

She says last month the flooding in the sanctuary at New Bethel Tabernacle Church of God In Christ was so bad the carpet had to be pulled up.   After assessing the first sewage flood, she believes the city isn't maintaining the pipes.  She claims she went to city, but has run into nothing but dead ends.  "I've been fighting with the water company for a month to take care of the first incident and now here we go again," said Hall.

Right now, the sewage problem remains unsolved until she can go back to city water works officials Monday morning.  Until then, she and her congregation aren't letting this get them down.  "We want allow anything to stop our worship.   We will continue to praise God.   However, we will still fight with the water company to make sure this don't happen to us or anyone else in the area.   We don't deserve this," said Hall.

News Leader Nine will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest as it becomes available to us.