Rising water in Hurtsburo threatens livestock and homes

By Lindsey Connell - bio | e-mail

HURTSBORO, AL (WTVM) -  "It's déjà vu all over again!"

Saturday's heavy downpours forced the Hurtsboro Creek to overflow and seep into residents backyards- bringing back bad memories for folks in the Russell County town.

"Four years ago on Easter Sunday, we were all underwater on this end of the street and all we could do is sit and hold each others hands and pray that the rain would let up. We're facing the same thing again. We did not expect the creek to do this again," said Hurtsboro resident Diane Pittman.

As the waters rose, local emergency management officials sprung into action.

"Here in the city of Hurtsboro, we've had some flooding in some low-lying areas. We've been able to barricade some streets and if the rain continues, we're going to put down some sandbags to try to block some of the water. Here in this area, we've had one family that we've had to evacuate from their home and relocate them at a safe place," said William Alexander, Director of Homeland Security for Russell County.

But they weren't the only ones moving to higher ground. Some horses and cattle had to be rescued from their pasture. Local folks weren't taking any chances.

"Four years ago, there were animals that were lost at the dead end of the street because they weren't able to be gotten to. The water was chest high," added Pittman.

Officials say the town's drainage system could benefit from a piece of the government's stimulus pie.

"We have to have a well-defined drainage system to carry this out and that we don't have. We're still going to try to get some money for drainage for the town of Hurtsboro so that we won't have to experience this again," said Rayford Tapley, Mayor of Hurtsboro.