Profanity Scrolled on North Columbus Church

By Lindsey Connell - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Smudges and smears are all that remains of the profanity sprayed on the preschool at Morningside Presbyterian Church.

But members say the disturbing words are forever etched in their minds.

"It was very derogatory towards God. It said: 'We will eat your God' and some other things I can't say and it said 'We need to get rid of God.' On our two-year-old classroom, it had a satanic symbol on there," said member Danielle Whitworth.

"We love the kids. We love the church. We love the school. It just breaks my heart to see it vandalized like that. It's just out of hand," added member Micki Knight.

Unfortunately, Morningside is no stranger to vandalism. Members say glass from broken beer bottles has threatened the safety of children on their playground. Now this congregation has had enough. It members say they're taking action.

Police do patrol the area at night and members have even resorted to sleeping in the church on weekends but they say it's not enough.

Church members are organizing a neighborhood watch group, asking residents in the surrounding community to help combat crime.

"This is a struggling church. We really can't afford to clean up every time. I'm asking people not to let it happen anymore. I'm just asking the neighborhood to step it up and let's take back our neighborhood," said Whitworth.

"It's not just for us- it's for the neighborhood and everyone else. We all need it. If they're doing it here, they're doing it other places around here," Knight said.

If you're interested in getting involved in Morningside's neighborhood watch group, you can contact the church at 706-561-0172.