Reservoir breaks: Columbus neighborhood in waters

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus Resident Lisa Kuntz doesn't usually have a river in her back yard.

That all changed Thursday morning, as she and her neighbors on Teak Drive woke up to flood waters barreling down their driveways, lawns and streets.

Carpets and furniture were completely soaked, and even one man's yard gave way to the weight of the water.

"Look at what's happened, the devestation! Everybody in this culdesack is in ruins," said Kuntz.

Teak Drive backs up to the Charter Oaks Watershed, where all of the rainwater for Northeast Columbus is sent.

No one realized that a crucial drain was blocked until it was too late to fix.

"With it being partially blocked, the water was coming in faster than it could be relieved. The level of lake rose to a point that it was necessary for it to utilize the spillway," said Deputy City Manager David Arrington.

The problem...eleven houses stand in the spillway's path.

City crews worked as fast as possible to fortify the homes with sandbags.

Over at the dam, crews also tried to speed up the drainage process, pumping water from one side of the blockage to the other.

According to city engineers, the spillway technically did it's job, so the entire dam wouldn't fold, putting even more homes at risk... but that doesn't make residents on Teak Drive feel any better.

"I think they are's all a bad joke. That ain't right, they threw us under the bus," said Robert Pettit, another Teak Drive Resident.

All the residents were evacuated and put up in a hotel, while city crews work to clean up the mess, as well as make sure that Sunday's rains don't overflow the spillway yet again.

The city has acknowledged it was their pipe and their spillway, but they have not said if they will pay for any of the water damage.

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