Lakebottom Sewage Project: Worse Than Originally Thought

By Andrew Wittenberg  - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's been causing a headache for drivers all week.

Columbus Water Works officials are repairing a sewage line near 17th Street in Columbus with hopes of preventing an even bigger headache in the future.

Officials tell News Leader Nine the problem is worse than they initially thought.

By next week, Cherokee Avenue from 13th Street down to 17th Street could be torn apart, as officials try to shore up sewage pipes before they falter.

By Friday, the sewage line repair had already torn up almost a city block of Cherokee Avenue.

"It's been kind of an inconvenience for drivers to drive up and down this area and I guess people who live here. Now, I've noticed they've now blocked of Cherokee and doing lots of damage to it," said Lakebottom resident Carolyn Pease.

The city set up a detour to redirect traffic, but drivers following the detour are simply brought back to the very place they began, 13th Street.

It makes a circle, from Cherokee Avenue, down Poplar, to Peacock and back to 13th Street, delaying drivers, who may already be delayed because of the work going on down the street.

The detour was a unexpected development for Lakebottom regulars, who didn't see the project causing this much trouble.

"They were working on it a little bit, a couple weeks ago, but nothing to this extreme," said Lakebottom runner Stephanie Sponseller.

But, as extreme as this may seem, city officials are confident the repairs are absolutely necessary, with nearly 18 and a half inches of rain in 35 days.

Recent heavy rains had caused the pipes to back up and not function properly.

The new repairs could take two or three weeks to finish.