Family says suspect should face capital murder charges

CHAMBERS COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - There are new details in the case of a murdered 19-year-old East Alabama mother. Her uncle tells News Leader 9, the accused killer should die for what police say he did to her. We want to warn you, the information you're about to read is graphic.

24-year old murder suspect, John Lisenby, arrived at Friday's probable cause hearing in prison stripes, arm and leg chains. Amanda Engelhardt's family arrived at the Chambers County Courthouse prepared to hear chilling details of what detectives describe as her savage stabbing.

"According to court records he stabbed her multiple times both arteries were severed and her trachea, so pretty much she was decapitated," said Amanda's uncle Billy Gross.

Lisenby was arrested in Mobile, four days after the February 27th murder at the couples home, where they were raising their 9-month-old daughter.

Our camera's were not allowed inside the courtroom, while the case detective took the stand and read the statement Lisenby made to investigators. It reads in part:

"I was covered in blood. I knew her throat had been cut. I knew I had cut it. I don't remember anything else."

Engelhardt's family believes the couple was arguing over her tax refund check.

"We believe he wanted the money to go buy drugs," said Gross.

Billy Gross said he will make sure justice is carried out and the baby is taken care off... while Amanda looks down.

"I believe she is in heaven. Yes I do," he said.

Lisenby faces murder, not capitol murder and that upsets the victim's family. Under Alabama law you need two felonies to occur for a capital charge. The district attorney, E. Paul Jones, says at this point, it appears that did not happen, but he will consider all the evidence when case is present to grand jury in august. If he can, Jones said he will ask for capital murder.