Residents say drivers are turning neighborhood into a racetrack

By Chauncy Glover - bio | e-mail 

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Folks call the road, the Avalon 500 and say it has a turn two.

"They come by too fast and miss the curve," says resident, Alan Greer.

"It's ridiculous, they need to do something about this curb," says Lewis Nixon.

Residents say cars  are coming around the curve way too fast. They tell us the city has put up these signs to slow drivers down, now they say the signs aren't working and now they want guard rails.

"They still not slowing down. They've ended up my neighbors yard, in my yard and now in my house," says Greer.

Monday night, coming around the curve, this driver lost controlled of his car.

"I seen the guy coming around the corner too fast and he skid through this yard and ran smack dead into the house right here," says Nixon.

"If my child would have been standing in the yard playing when this happened, that man would have hit my child," says Jody Whitehead.