Take A Loved One To The Doctor Day

A crowded waiting room in Columbus says it all.

Hundreds of people in the Columbus- Phenix City area are in need of healthcare especially when it's free. "With most people because they don't have health insurance anymore and they're losing their insurance they need some place to go and check on their blood pressure or check their blood sugar", says Doctor Derralyn Baker.

Baker is the Medical Director at The Valley Healthcare Center on North Lumpkin Road in Columbus.

Baker says patients were offered an array of screenings from clinical breast exams to blood pressure and blood sugar. And for those on the receiving end this event couldn't have come at a better time. "I think it's a blessing because as you said I don't have any income and with all of these diseases going around now, it's a blessing to know that I am healthy and safe,"says a patient who wanted to remain anonymous.

And that's the main reason for this nationwide event. To let people know what services are available to them. "A lot of people just don't know where they can go to get health services especially when they don't have insurance because they have financial situations. So this is a way for people to not only bring their loved ones to know what kind of health problems they have but also to know what's out there that the community has has to offer for them," says Baker.