Electrical Fire Forces Businesses to Move

By Andrew Wittenberg  - bio | email


"We came up here and the office was in a blaze," Everett Madison said

Wednesday was an unexpected moving day for businesses at the Hilton on the Square office complex.

Tuesday's fire gutted Everett Madison's business, a web-based, around the clock, trucking company.

"And then as they thought they had it out, it would spur up somewhere else, it burned 75 percent of our office," Madison said.

Columbus Fire officials told the business owners the fire started behind the wall of an office, as a circuit breaker blew, which caused a spark and ignited the blaze.

It was a fire that forced property manager Flournoy and Calhoun to move all the businesses to vacant properties around Columbus.

Businesses like the dance apparel store Jen Nor' and More.

"Nothing in our shop got wet, but we do have a lot of smoke smell," said Tim Melvin.

The move will hopefully be temporary, while the building is checked for other electrical problems and repaired.

But for businessmen like Everett, as long as he's off-line, he's losing money.

"It's costing us by the day. It really puts a damper on our business, but by biggest concern is getting back to the customer," Madison said.