Driving while In-text-icated awareness

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Texting is one of the modern convinces many of us have grown to love.  But it can spell danger when it's done while driving.

To get a better grasp of the impairment, we two volunteers to try their hands at texting while driving.

The assignment: How well can each driver drive through the obstacle course while texting at least two sentences-- without hitting cones?

Each volunteer received a practice drive that didn't involve texting.

But the second attempt at the course provided a bit of a challenge.

"They started dialing that phone and punching in those text messages, their speed slowed way down. They were unable to do the two things at once as efficiently", said Lieutenant James Patterson an Alabama State Trooper.

Rohan Kambeyanda, an Auburn University student, recounts his part in the experiment, "The second time going through, I could definitely tell I had to slow down a lot to be able to think about what I was texting and then make sure I was making the turn".

Despite a major decrease in speed, Rohan made it through the cones with little problems, but for Allison O'Brien, it was a little more difficult.

"I noticed the second time while I was texting and driving I hit a cone and had to reverse. So it definitely adds to the challenge, but it was a pretty hard course anyways", said O'Brien an Auburn University student.

So our makeshift roadway may not be anything like a normal road. But it provided a safe way for us to see how well you can drive while in-text-icated.

It's the type of observation Highway Safety officials hope will prevent accidents.

"Being cognizant of what it takes to text and do the obstacle course verses regular driving; you could definitely see the difference. It was a good point to observe I think..." said Lieutenant Patterson, "You've got to use all of your senses to drive".