Baby Girl, 22 Years in the Making

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - A east Alabama family says their grandchild is a miracle 22 years in the making.  Two decades ago an Auburn mother fought to save her son and his hope of one day having children.

Notte and Evangelos Biblis gaze adoringly at pictures of their third grandchild, Stella Kate.

"She looks just like Chris...just like Chris," said Biblis.

Chris is Notte's son and Stella's father. As at teen Chris was diagnosed with Leukemia and began years of chemo and radiation at Emory in Atlanta.

"We were told he would not be able to have children," said Biblis.

"I was trying to get through high school and living one day at a time . Hoping I was gonna be, honestly going to make it. That was the furthest thing ...being married or having a child," explained Chris.

Thankfully, his mom was thinking of the future.

" I jumped and said we needed to do sperm banking," she said.

As a sixteen year old Auburn High School student, Chris has his sperm frozen.

They have stored it in Augusta for 22 years. In August they told us they were expecting a little one," said the proud grandmother.

Stella was born in February. Doctors believe the family probably holds the world record for the amount of time sperm has been frozen before being used to create a baby. A medial marvel, thanks to a mother's love that has now come full circle.

"He's a sweet guy, he's going to be a terrific dad," she said.

Stella lives in north carolina with her mom and dad. The Biblisis are hoping to meet her for the first time, memorial day weekend. Their desire is that their story will provide hope for families with children battling cancer.