KIA Subcontractors Dispute Payment

By Lindsey Connell - bio | e-mail

WEST POINT, GA (WTVM) -  The numbers are staggering- $98,114.92, $216,007.42, $573,000.

Those numbers are pulled from liens contracting companies have filed against KIA Motors. They show the total still owed for work done on the new West Point plant.

We found liens on the books in Troup County dating back to October of 2008 totaling more than $1.3 million.

And local companies are still filing liens for money owed like Dexter Evans, the owner of Ben Thompson Porta Johns in LaGrange.

"This plant's been an economic boom so to speak for the local area and a lot of people are relying on it to create jobs. So it creates a job and you do a job and you can't get all of your money for it," Evans said.

Local KIA reps weren't in the office today but officials released the following statement to News Leader Nine:

"Challenges come up every day for us with a massive project like this one. Most recently, the challenge has been to help resolve several final payment discrepancies between several subcontractors...Even though KIA is not responsible for subcontractor payments, we are meeting daily with various companies to consult and assist them with possible solutions," said Randy Jackson, Director of Human Resources and Administration for KIA Motors Manufacturing Georgia, Inc.

And we did find a number of liens that have been satisfied and canceled with the Troup County Superior Court Clerk.

But there's other contractors still waiting to be paid in full.

"Even if it was $100, it's money that's still owed," added Evans.

KIA officials say they are considering obtaining bonds to remove the liens from the property but Jackson says: "We would rather try to help the parties resolve their payment disputes if possible."

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