Teak Dr. update: City Council begins in executive session

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The hot topic for Columbus Council Tuesday morning was a group of homes in a local neighborhood which suddenly flooded on March 26th.

But homeowners who went to the meeting for an explanation may still be waiting for an answer.

Residents were told a drainage problem on Teak Drive, led to high waters almost two weeks ago.

As of this Monday, the neighborhood was still being pumped dry.  Many residents want the city to take responsibility for the spill.

Our reporter, Laurie Bernstein is posted at the Government Center awaiting developments. She says Columbus Council began the day in executive session and has been behind closed doors for hours.

It's not known if council is discussing Teak Drive or some other topic.

But you can count on a full report from council on News Leader 9 at Five and Six.  Also, don't forget to take our web poll above.