Last minute tax preps

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Tax services all over the valley have seen their fair share of procrastinators as last minute filers stream in for help.

If you haven't done it already, it's time to file your taxes. Many of us already have the paperwork in the mail, or we've got the return money in our pockets, but others, didn't plan ahead. News Leader Nine caught up with some tax preparers today to see how they're handling the last minute rush.

Owner of Xpert Tax Service, Gwennetta Wright said, "The majority of people owe and they wait until the last minute so they can save pennies before paying the IRS."

Most tax offices were booked with people filing their taxes at the last minute. But the owner of Blue Fast Tax, Dr. Gregory Blue said they started seeing the rush before April 15th, "We actually started this weekend because we're on a campaign to get our regular customers in early and educate people to not wait until tax day."

Tax offices in the area seem to have heard every excuse in the book for people to put off filing. "Just not in a hurry to do them. I'm going to owe, I'm not going to get anything back, I'm not in a hurry, I'll do it on the 15th," said Blue.

Wright added, "With new technology, a lot of people are actually calling on the phone trying to fax information while at work. Try to get their stuff in so when they get off they sign and go."

Preparers got plenty of sleep, stocked up on coffee and prepared, themselves, for a long day.

"We're staying open until the last client comes in. We'll be open way past 7 or 8 just to help anyone that couldn't get off work and need last minute. We'll be open," said Wright.

Blue finished up by adding, "We'll be open until 9 but I'm sure we'll be working much longer."

Many tax offices all over the valley will extend their hours Wednesday night to help those last minute filers. And the post office workers will work late, for people trying to get those papers in the mail before the 11:59 deadline.