Newborn Baby Found in Meth House

By Lindsey Connell - bio | e-mail

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) -- Officials say a tip from a concerned citizen led them to a couple's trailer off Sandfort Road in Phenix City last night.

Inside, authorities found an active and dangerous meth lab and a newborn baby.

"There was a 14-day-old child that was in the residence. Department of Human Resources was called in and the child was taken and placed in protective custody," said Lieutenant Heath Taylor with the Russell County Sheriff's Department.

Thirty-one-year-old Jeremy Whiting and twenty-one-year-old Jessica Bowden were arrested and face multiple drug charges as well as the chemical endangerment of a child.

"She was pregnant and she finally had the child and we thought they were fine until we found out they were making drugs in there with a baby and we didn't appreciate that one bit. We didn't build this place for that type of thing. We have it for family people," said James Eiland, owner of the Country Cottages/Highland Estates where the couple lived.

For the combined Phenix City/Russell County Narcotics Task Force, it's the third meth lab bust in four weeks. Two of those cases involved children.

"Just in the past month, we've been able to make some really good cases; possibly save some kids lives that were in meth labs- save them from becoming addicted to that same chemical. It's all because of our citizens calling in and telling us about it and then the drug unit doing an outstanding job responding to those calls," Taylor added.

Police say DHR will test the child for any chemicals that may be in its system.

Whiting and Bowden will be arraigned on their charges.

Officials are still looking for an official name for the new narcotics task force, preferably stemming from an acronym.

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