Need to File An Extension?

By Zaneta Lowe  - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - If you haven't taken the time to file your taxes, filing an extension provides you with six more months, and an opportunity to avoid penalties and fees.  First, visit to either file an extension electronically or by mail.  You'll need a Form 4868.

Be warned though, the extension is for filing income taxes, not for payments.  So if you anticipate owing, you still have to submit a payment.  IRS officials recommend 90% or as much as possible.

For taxpayers in Georgia and Alabama who want to mail it, and plan to send it with a payment, mail it to:

Internal Revenue Service

P.O. Box 105050

Atlanta, GA 30348-5050

For those who do not have to send a payment, the address is:

Department of Treasury/Internal Revenue Service Center

Atlanta, GA 39901-0002

Taxpayers in Georgia who need to file an state extension, can avoid sending in a form, because the state of Georgia will accept a federal extension as long as it is postmarked by the April 15th deadline, and you mail in a copy when you do file your state return.  However, those who still have a payment obligation, must send the money.

You can get the proper form at  It's an IT 303.  It includes specific directions and instructions for mailing.  The site also offers electronic payment options.

In Alabama, taxpayers do not have to submit a form for an extension.  It is automatically granted unless you owe money.  In that case, the state requires taxpayers to submit an extension and payment voucher.  There are mailing instructions on the form.  The site, also offers e-payment options.